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Five Weeks!!!

Today, I'm five weeks along, according to my ticker and my pregnancy journal. The time is starting to pick up...I'm anxious for my little one, but I'm waiting to see how I handle the "six week mark" when I tend to get very nauseated.

So far, my breast tenderness has increased, and to top it off, I've got a nasty cold. Super cool. Really.

I'm not taking anything because, A. I haven't gotten myself to a doctor yet, and B. there isn't much I'm allowed to take anyway. I know I can take a dose of tylenol every 24 hours, and that helps a little with the aches and pains. However, I'm really congested and it's been hard for me to breathe. I'm sure I'm snoring like a bear everynight. :X

Today, I had jalapeno poppers for breakfast. Not the best breakfast in the world, I know, but I really wanted that spicy-cheesy flavor. The spicier the better. I'm thinking it has to do with my cold, however. Food doesn't taste like anything with my nose all stuffed up.

Day 20 - For the next thirty days, a critical period in the development of your baby's heart will overlap with the intense growth of the central nervous system. While the heart itself consists of just two heart tubes, it must join with the blood vessels that have been proliferating in the cardiac region of the baby's system...Today was a big day in the development of your baby's muscles, bones spinal cord, and heart. By this time, the amniotic sac is about the size of a grape.

Speck will be born in the year of the dog, which apparently makes him/her everyone's best friend. :)
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