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a story about a birth

I'm wary about sharing my birth story in the pregnancy community. Mostly because I know I'm going to get the inevitable, "OMG - WHY DID YOU HAVE A C-SECTION!!"

I don't feel like answering that question for the 4393398501493th time.


Amazingly, everything went according to plan. Early in the morning of the 27th, my mom showed up to take Aurora to school, and Jon and I made our way to the hospital. We spent an hour doing the usual blood-test-iv-get-naked-and-answer-a-million-questions routine, which made the time go faster. I made sure to wear makeup this time, (which was totally lame and girly of me), and Jon and I sat on pins and needles until it was time to go.

There was a brief pause because my doctor STILL hadn't gotten the OK from my cardiologist for the surgery, but all things went fine after he yelled and screamed for it. Dr Bart is the greatest. :)

I hated the spinal they did this time. It was very uncomfortable, and I was numb from my neck to my toes. I couldn't feel myself breathing and I thought I was going to either gag and choke on my own vomit (I got nauseated at first), or suffocate. I didn't relax until I felt Jon's hand in mine, and then I knew I was going to be ok.

It took FOREVER for Dr Bart and Dr Spoon to get Weslee out. At one point, I was told that Dr Spoon had the vacuum thing and was ON TOP of the operating table, trying to get her out. I could hear them talking about her shoulder, and I got scared. I didn't want them to hurt her on the way out!

Eventually, though, she was delivered, at 10:09, and Dr Bart said "Hello Little Girl!" I was so happy to hear she was still a girl ;) (We received so many cute baby girl clothes and I didn't want to return them!) He held her over the sheet and she gave Jon and me the WORST look. She was NOT amused, and we will forever remember the scowl on her face. I knew in that moment I loved her as completely as I loved Aurora. It was one of the best moments I've ever known. I looked over at Jon, and saw his eyes filled with tears. In that moment, we were connected for life, and we both could feel it. I couldn't help thinking WOW! She has a LOT of hair!

I couldn't get out of surgery fast enough. Weslee was screaming her head off, and she scored 7 and then 9 on her apgar test. I was pleased. The nurse asked Jon if he wanted to see her, and he leaped out of his chair, and remembered he had forgotten the camera. Two seconds later, I could hear him taking her picture. She was still pissed off. :)

They let him hold her while they sewed me up, and he sat next to us, holding her and watching her stick her tongue out at him. She was making little grunty sounds and I couldn't wait to nurse her. Unfortunately, the nurses were worried about the sounds, and decided to take her to the NICU for observation. Once there, the nurses gave her a once-over and declared her just fine. Jon stayed with her the whole time.

When I was stapled back together, they brought me back to the room, and placed Weslee in my lap. Immediately, I began to nurse her, and she latched on perfectly.

They got us a room in Recovery, and we spent 4 amazing days/nights getting to know her. Jon took about a million pictures, learned to change her diaper, fed her a little, and basically spent the entire time staring at her. It was amazing for me to watch him with her, totally changed and completely comfortable in his new role as a father. I didn't think it was possible to love him anymore than I already did, but, if it makes any sense, I "fell harder".

We struggled a little with breastfeeding, because of nipple-soreness, and latching issues, but we kept up with it the whole time. She had maybe 1 entire bottle combined of formula, and that was mostly because she was Jaundiced. I'm glad that's over with ;)

We came home on the 30th of September, to an excited and very helpful big sister, and a ton of happy family members. I cannot be any more grateful for the support and the love of my family, friends and especially my boyfriend. He has been an amazing help with both my girls, and I am eternally grateful.

I know I owe more pictures, but I have to have them on this system to upload them. I'll get them up this week.

Although I didn't have her the normal way, I am still as fulfilled by her existence as I could ever be.
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