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26 weeks...

I am SO late for an update...

quick synopsis:

-started having pretty strong contractions last month. Doc took me down to 24 hours a week and prescribed lots and lots of water.

-was hospitalized for contractions and again, prescribed lots and lots of water.

-took a few fun tests (totally un-fun), and I negatively passed them. So far, I am not at risk for pre-term labor. :D

-Speck is FABULOUS. :) She's about 2lbs, and is a little over a foot long. :D She kicks like kung fu and is, as far as I can tell, very temperamental. I get a very strong feeling from her that she REALLY want's to be here. I'm glad. We can't wait for her.

In regards to personalities, I had it easy with Aurora. She was a very easy-going baby, who I bonded with immediately. She wasn't fussy, didn't suffer from extreme bouts of colic, and had the least amount of teething pain I've ever seen. She had some issues with dangerously low iron levels, but she wasn't a crier. I'm wondering if it will be anything close to that with Speck. She's already more aggressive in utero, kicking much harder than Aurora ever did. I wonder if she'll be more direct and demanding than Aurora was. I'm not afraid of that happening. I'm rather excited to meet her, and explore her personality. (I'm a great believer in allowing children to be who they are, and loving them for it)

I know I owe belly shots, and they ARE coming. I'm just...easily distracted, and quite frankly, Mr Wonderful isn't the greatest photographer. (I love him anyway)
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