speckthegreat (speckthegreat) wrote,

lucky number 13

I'm 13 weeks and speck is the size of a lime!

The baby looks like a baby now, (a lime-sized baby), and my morning sickness is becoming more controlled with time. (Not controlled enough, but I'm a "lil trooper", according to the spermanator who helped speck come to be). I've taken to sucking on either peppermints or cinnamon hot candies. They both seem to quell the nausea enough for me to have a conversation without gagging. I hate gagging while I'm talking to someone. I have to stop mid-sentence to keep from puking in their face. :\

I'm starting to show (and that's typical for me), and I hate it. I feel like an unattractive cow. I hate feeling like an egg with legs. I know all that crap about "pregnancy being beautiful" and "I'm glowing", but really, I don't feel like I'm glowing by any means.

I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do after the baby is born. Do I stay at my current position and return for the busy (and crappy) holiday season? Or do I find something I can do at home and try to suppliment our budget that way? Decisions Decisions.... *sigh*

We're also looking for a new place pretty soon. I kind of feel bad having to move out on my mom, but we need to make room for the baby AND Aurora, who will forever need her own room from now on. The very thought confirms my pension for not having very much to move around. I'm not looking forward to moving around Mr Man's stuff. (he has a lot of stuff)

However, I AM looking forward to a nap...right about now..
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