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My wonderfully "boring" pregnancy

OB appt. when great today. Speck is perfection, her heartbeat is great, and I feel like I got hit by a bus. :D

Every joint hurts, I'm contracting again (but normally so), and I can't get comfortable enough to get a decent nights sleep. I feel bad that I wake the boyfriend up all night with my tossing and turning.

Speck will be arriving by C-Section one week before she would try and come out on her own. I think she'll be MORE than ready, seeing as how she seems to try and get out through my belly button on numerous accounts.

I'm HUGE. I know I owe belly pics, but I hate the way I look - seriously. I'm not a cute pregnant girl, (although, I was told my weight gain was perfect. I'm only 2lbs heavier than I was last month. yay for intense water consumption. oh yes). I still look like I'm going to pop at a moments notice. My mom says I don't look pregnant from behind, but I can't see how, as I can tell my ass has gotten bigger. (prego pants tell me so)

Other than that, things are going pretty well. I'm more tired than I've been this whole pregnancy, and it's making it harder to keep working, but I need to, especially right now. We're moving soon, and there are many little details that my paychecks are helping to cover. I want to get as much as I can out of this job before I take about a year off, (with the exception of a little help during the christmas season). My 7 year old has school shopping coming up, and we have lots of little detailed items we need for our new place.

Speck has a lot of the bigger items she'll need for the next year. We decided that it would be easier to cover the more expensive items, instead of hoping a bunch of people will buy them for us. I've learned that you buy them anyway, once you realize you really need them. Plus, if we can afford it, why expect someone else to buy it for us?

To date, we've acquired:
-The crib and mattress
-The bedding (whoa. EXPENSIVE)
-The carseat/stroller thingy
-The pack n play bassinet thing
-Some clothes

I still need:
-A baby bag. I want a really chic expensive one, and today I realized that maybe I'm being stupid about that. but I really want it. I suck.
-tons of onesies
-a manual breast pump. I really like the avent manual one. I had a few crappy manual ones, and one expensive medela, that sucked. My aunt gave me a manual one that she never opened when Aurora was about 6 months. It was awesome. (and yes, I was a very successful breastfeeder.)
-a baby bathtub
-a wipe warmer
-receiving blankets
-hooded bath towels
-baby toiletries
-a baby carrier or a sling
-diapers. (omg. not this again)
-a baby monitoring system

I'm sure there are tons of other things I'm forgetting. We did a registry at Baby's R Us. I have yet to tell anyone about it though, until now.

I'm excited. Both my baby girls are almost home!
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