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I'm 8 and a half weeks...

We saw Speck yesterday on our first ultrasound. :D!!!! (and I'm pissed because I can't get the scanner to work.)

Speck is about 2 cm long, and was moving tiny arm and leg buds. It was neat to see their little heart beating too :)

The nausea hasn't been super terrible. Sometimes, it gets bad and I shake until I can eat,(and unfortunately, I'm so sick by then, eating doesn't help much.)

So far, I've craved pineapple, and chicken, and today, I ate a pickle spear with russian dressing. I don't have an excuse for this, but it was good. Come to think of it..I could really go for a lemonade right now.

Also: I have to see a cardiologist during my pregnancy. The PVCs that I get are increasing and my doctor is worried about later on, and how much stress that will put on my heart. I'm trying not to worry at this point. I'm more afraid of the doctor telling me to take medical leave from my job than anything else.

Otherwise, Speck is officially due 10-05-06. Of course, I can't wait :)
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