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the morning sickness has arrived...

Blah. This time of pregnancy is the WORST! I hate feeling sick all the time, and hating the way everything smells. It's overwhelming, tiring, and I hate puking. HATE IT!!


Otherwise, things seem ok. The pregnancy seems to be progressing right along. I'm a little over 6 weeks, and I'm starting to really feel it. I need to call back the OB and make an appointment, but it just seems as though there are too many things to do. I've been exhausted lately, and sleep is so indulgent...

The Boyfriend has all but legally moved in. I don't mind a bit, although it is a tight fit for now. (no double-entendres please) I like having him here. We're not necessarily in eachother's face all the time, and he's doing what he can to keep me comfortable and happy. :)

Valentine's Day was good this year too. He got me tickets to a GREAT show, and I CANNOT wait to see them. (DCFC) I gave him a new watch, which he's probably going to kill me for, because it was slightly expensive. Not terribly so, but yeah, I'm pretty much broke til Friday. :)

We took Aurora for an early dinner at Claim Jumpers and had a good time. It was low-key and fun, which is exactly how I like all my holidays to be. No drama.

I'm hungry again, which will stave off the current nausea that's slowly creeping up on me. *sigh*, I'm really craving some cantalope right now. LOL
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